Windy Gap

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The Windy Gap is the name of the valley between Eagle Mountain and Slievemoughanmore.


This photograph is courtesy of Conor Brady taken from Sandy Brae on the Attical side of the Windy Gap.

Where can I start from?

There are quite a lot of ways to get to the Windy Gap be it from the Deers Meadow and hiking Pigeon Rock Mountain and then Slievemoughanmore.

An easier route is to travel to Attical and take the Sandy Brae road. Drive as far as you can along the road and park your car before the private road sign. Walk along the gravel path until the river. Stay left of the river following the path. This path will take you all the way to the Windy Gap.

On your right is Slievemageogh and Pigeon Rock Mountain. To your left is Eagle Mountain with the Great Gully and the Slates. This route is mainly stone with some streams and is easy going if you have a moderate level of fitness.

NI Ordinance Survey 1.25 scale map grid reference: 20:26